Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Respect towards the circle of life

Many of us are fighting against even the first signs of aging, fighting against the natural cycle of life. These pieces of wood/ furniture can show you, how age becomes beauty, becomes character and creates unique `beings´ who radiate experience and the relaxedness that comes with it.
Every single piece can tell you a thousand stories and has its own character.
Every single one has gone through a lot of life and deep transformations, just now taking a new step, aging in beauty.

If you want to buy a good whisky, agreat bottle of red wine, you would possibly look for a well-
aged bottle with character and background. The furniture that surrounds you every day, that shapes your house and daily life, more than anything else have the right age and character.
Old, worked and well-lived pieces of wood radiate experience, a certain quality of calm and peace
and depth thta no new/ young board could ever have...
The furniture you chosse to surround you represents how you chosse to be seen by the outside world and reflects your inside world...
By respecting the cycle of life and honoring the beauty of age, we protect and safe the existing nature and forests....
The indigenious traditions pay great respect towards the aged members of their society. For them, these people are the wisdom-keepers, the story-tellers. The elderly keep the tribes together and bring balance and knowledge...

We all need to re-think if we want to find back into a balance with (our very own) nature and allow the survival of mankind on this planet. Every action is important and your choice of furniture does reflect your standing in life, the choices you make for future generations and the way you think...how do you want your reflection to look like?

Authentic furniture with character/ unique...not off the rack but unique, quirky, stylish

written by my sister Mirja Wuttke who is a great believer in my vision and this world.